We Are Here Hat (2017)

Twist Tie Rings (2016)

Paper Towel Scarf (2015)

Pinstripe (2013)

Eraser Earrings and Rings (2012)

Small Bubble and Big Bubble (2011)

Looseleaf (2010)


E for Effort is a collaborative design project between Brooklyn-based artists Beka Goedde and Rachel Ostrow.  

  Inspired by Anni Albers and Bauhaus design, puns, paper, and packing materials, E for Effort's products transform the everyday into wearable fashion. 

This photograph is modeled after our favorite photograph of the other Glimmer Twins, backstage, post-show.

Looseleaf was featured in Destination: NYC at the MoMA Design Store (NYC and Tokyo), 2013. 

Also available at Artware Editions (NYC), The Whitney Museum Store (NYC),  Collection Lambert Museum (Avignon, France), Saffron (Brooklyn, NY), Special Special (NYC), LMAKGallery (NYC), and Nora Modern (Detroit, MI).